King Henry VIII is perhaps one of the most famous Kings in history, partly due to his six wives and his reputation as a tyrant. However many people do not know the other side of King Henry VIII, the intelligent, kind and noble King who ruled England in an age of prosperity and ushered in a new religious path for England, changing from the "Old Faith" of Catholicism to the "New Faith" of Protestantism.

This app contains detailed information on King Henry VIII's whole life, from his birth, his reign as King, his wives and mistresses, his reformation of the Church of England and through to his final years and his legacy. It covers all six of his wives in detail, from their origins, their marriage to King Henry VIII and there deaths (or executions) as well as information on the King's mistresses.
Key Features:
  • Information on the life of Henry VIII.
  • Information on all six wives.
  • Information on his mistresses.
  • The English Reformation.
  • Chronological timeline of his life.
  • Multiple choice quiz.
  • Tudor family tree.
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