British Monarchy & Prime Ministers is the definitive guide for the monarchy of England, Britain and the United Kingdom, from King Offa of Mercia to Queen Elizabeth II, over 1200 years of monarchy in one app. Each monarch includes images, key facts, biography and their royal arms. On the iPad the app includes a unique and fully scrollable timeline and a Monarchy family tree.

The app includes a full list of Prime Ministers of Great Britain and the United Kingdom, including images and key facts for every Prime Minister from Sir Robert Walpole to David Cameron. As an added extra the app also includes the flags and their history for England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland, the national anthem of the United Kingdom, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, a chronological list of the monarchy of England, Wales and Scotland and the High Kings of Ireland and an overview of the Line of Succession to the throne.
Key Features:
  • Detailed source of information for English, British and UK Monarchy.
  • Every ruler from King Offa to Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Images, Key Facts and Royal Arms.
  • Monarchy & Prime Minister biographies.
  • All Prime Ministers of Great Britain & the UK.
  • Country Flags of the British Isles.
  • National anthem lyrics for UK, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
  • Chronological list of rulers for England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
  • Overview of the Line of Succession.
  • Overview of Commonwealth of Nations members.
  • Overview of Commonwealth realm members.
Full Retina Display Support
Universal App (iPhone & iPad)
Requires iOS 4.3 and above
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