Number Grid Unlimited is a simple, yet challenging game of addition. The goal of this maths game is to simply add up 9 numbers to reach 6 or 8 totals, using each of the numbers only once and ensuring every total is reached.

Rather than providing a set number of pre-set puzzles, Number Grid Unlimited randomly generated each and every game. Although not quite unlimited, this does give the possibility of billions of individually generated puzzles split into 4 difficulty levels.

Each level uses the same grid, but have some slight differences. The first is that the easy grid does not require you to match diagonal totals, the second is that each setting used a different range of numbers. For example the easiest levels use only numbers 1-9 while the hardest level uses numbers ranging from 60 to 99.

The game will save your current progress when you close the app and will keep score of how many games you have played, completed and which difficulty you have played.
Key Features:
  • Unlimited puzzle combination (well, billions at least).
  • 4 difficulty levels.
  • Simple east to learn interface.
  • Saves game status when closed.
Full Retina Display Support
iPad App (Supports iPad only)
Requires iOS 4.3 and above
Download on the App Store