Tally-Ho! - Tally Counter is a simple, yet comprehensive, tool for keeping track of numbers. The app provides many features including multiple tally counters, add & subtraction options, button sounds, passcode protection and reset buttons. Use Tally-Ho! to keep track of money, savings, sports scores, door counts (at venues, clubs etc.), inventory/stock, and anything else you wish to count.

Tally counters can be created easily and you can start adding/subtracting the counter as soon as it loads. When your finished with the tally and no longer required it, you can be easily reset each tally ready to be used again. Each tally count is saved so you do not have to worry about exiting the app, your settings and totals will be there waiting for you when you next open the app.

If you would like to keep your tallies secret you can enable passcode protection to keep your app safe from prying eyes. The passcode can be enabled with just a few button presses and can be disabled just as quickly if you want passcode protection removed.
Key Features:
  • Ability to quick +/- custom amounts.
  • Add & subtract a tally count.
  • Custom maximum limit.
  • Custom tally count increments.
  • Multiple Tally Counters.
  • Option to display count on app's icon.
  • Optional button sound effects.
  • Optional passcode protection.
  • Simple user-friendly interface.
Full Retina Display Support
Universal App (iPhone & iPad)
Requires iOS 4.3 and above
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