VAT, Sales Tax & Percentage Calculator is a simple, quick and efficient app for calculating VAT, Sales Tax and Percentages. It provides four calculators in one single app, perfect for work, school, shopping or other day to day calculations. Just a few easy steps and the app will calculate the answers based on the numbers you enter. The calculators are split into two main types described below.

With the VAT/Tax Calculator you can calculate how much VAT/tax (either including or excluding) from a chosen number. You can completely customise the amount of VAT/tax, so it can be used for any purchase, anywhere in the world. This calculator is useful for calculating how much VAT/tax you have to pay or how much of the amount is VAT/tax.

The percentage calculator is actually three calculators in one, that allows you to find the percent, total or amount of a chosen number. All you need is two of these three figures to find your answer, for example to find the percentage you need the total and the amount. This calculator is useful for working out how much you would save on discounts and sales, how much your wages will increase (or decrease) and many currency and non-currency related calculations.
Key Features:
  • VAT/Sales Tax Calculator (Inclusive and exclusive values).
  • 3 different percent calculators (Amount, Total & Percentage).
  • Supports decimal percentages and large numbers.
  • Simple and easy to use interface.
Full Retina Display Support
iPhone App (iPhone & iPod only)
Requires iOS 4.3 and above
Download on the App Store